The Worst Drumline Instructor Ever Is...

So I ran into a situation where a private drum instructor is telling me his students are being discouraged from taking lessons from him by the local Drumline instructor.

Normally, this isn’t an issue as Drumline instructors should be able to recommend to their students which private drum instructors they should study with for the best chance of success in their Drumline.

However, when discouraging said students from taking private lessons with this particular private teacher, I’m told the phrases that were used sounded like the following:

“Don’t take lessons from that guy because he doesn’t understand proper technique…”

“Don’t take lessons from that guy because what he is teaching you is wrong…”

“You will not succeed taking lessons from that guy…”

To me, if true, it sounds like, “my way is better, that other guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and you are simply not going to be successful learning from that person.”

Of course, that may be true if the private teacher doesn’t have any experience with marching percussion or has very little experience…but he does.

Does it come down to lack of knowledge or experience…or something else?

My whole thing is that there is validity in every teaching technique, philosophy and approach.

I mean, just from personal experience, I personally have observed percussionists and Drumlines who I didn’t think have a very accomplished or accredited instructor….

…and yet those percussionists and Drumlines turned out to be absolute bad asses!!!

I guess those instructors are doing something right.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t be so quick to write off other teachers, let’s help each other out and not be so quick to tear others down :)

What do you think? Am I off base here?

For more perspective, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta