Run Away From Your Private Drum Teacher If They Don't Do THIS...

As a private Drum Instructor, when I first take on a Student, one of the first things I tell them is this:

“If anything I teach you contradicts the teachings of your current Drumline Instructor, please let me know ASAP. At that point I will tell you to try it out during the course of our lesson, but when you go back to your Drumline, go with whatever your Drumline Instructor tells you.”

I also try to make sure that if my Student’s Drumline is doing something I am not familiar with, then I will be sure to study it so I can help my Student with whatever they are learning at school.

I might even proactively talk to my Student’s Drumline Instructor and ask them what I can do to prepare our mutual student to succeed in their Drumline.

Basically, my priority is my Student and supporting the teachings of his Drumline Instructor.

Of course, I will also hope to offer different ideas that might be good for my Student’s overall percussion education, but I will always defer anytime my ideas conflict with my Student’s Drumline teaching philosophies.

I think as a Private Drum Instructor, if you are not doing any of these things, then not only are you doing your Student a disservice, but you are doing yourself a disservice as well.

After all, what better excuse does the Drumline Instructor have to recommend your Students to go away from you if you activity try to contradict their teaching.

As teachers, it’s pretty clear that our Students ALWAYS come first!

What do you think? Do you think I’m pretty off base with this?

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For further perspective, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta