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Karl Arrieta aka @karldrumtech is a percussion educator, specializing in the field of marching percussion. With over 25 years of playing and teaching experience, Karl lives to share ALL of his skills and knowledge to the next generation of young percussionists.  But to Karl, percussion isn't just about "hitting stuff;" it's about becoming the best version of yourself through discipline and self discovery and living a full, healthy and active lifestyle.  Through the medium of percussion, Karl is driven everyday to show his students how art translates to life and how life, translates to art.  Karl is currently living in Los Angeles, CA, but absolutely loves to travel the world seeking the next adventure...


"Karl is a no B.S. Teacher with extensive experience as a player, instructor and writer.  He is clear and concise when giving feedback and overall helped me reach my goal in marching Snare at the Santa Clara Vanguard.  He is a good guy who will cater to your specific needs while covering important fundamentals. I would recommend him to anybody who is serious about getting sound marching percussion instruction."

- Grace Chin


"Karl demonstrated what most military drill instructors have sculled into recruits with out the aggression and hostile environment. He showed the difference between working hard and working smart. I can solidly say that these lessons I learned from Karl absolutely bled over to every other aspect of my life. "

- Spencer Holman (Photo by: Robin T)


“I’ve spent 4 years under Karl’s instruction as a member of the Torrance High School Drumline, and I strongly credit these four years to my success as a professional touring and studio musician.  Karl really takes time to understand you as a student, and strongly focuses on technique, dynamics, and how your role fits into the big picture.  Most importantly, he’s just a great dude!  Much love to you my friend!  I greatly appreciate everything I’ve learned from you”

- Brook Alexander


"I am very grateful for the years I was able to spend performing in scholastic drumline under Karl's direction. He made our group a wonderful place to grow not just as young musicians, but also as people with good interpersonal skills. His knowledge, ability to motivate us to care about drumming and for each other, and sincerity throughout the whole experience have left a lasting impression. Thank you for everything, Karl!"

- Abi Sangco (Photo by: Robin T)


I am of the belief that there's more to life than playing drums because what you learn about drumming should help you in life.  So, get as good as you possibly can and achieve greatness but the real reward is seeing the person you become in pursuit of that goal.  Also, life is too damn short; stop taking all this stuff too seriously and enjoy every moment as you grow through your craft.  Drumming should ultimately be seen as an art form that teaches you how to express yourself, connect with other human beings and enjoy doing something that you love!

- Karl aka Karldrumtech