Get Rid of Traditional?

Actually, I might’ve meant to say, get rid of tradition.

Technically, my original POST on Instagram that caused so much controversy said “f*ck tradition.”

So why did I create that post in the first place?

Well, there was a scene in Game of Thrones where a character said “f*ck tradition” and it was just an awesome statement in the context of the scene it was in.

And I was hyping on it!

But SOMEHOW, when people saw my post, a lot of people thought I said, “f*ck traditional,” so you ended up with a lot of people defending traditional grip or talking crap about traditional grip and insulting me for “wanting to get rid of traditional grip.”

And I’m sitting over here like:

WAT…I never said that…lol

Crazy how some people can only see what they want to see, or show off so much insecurity based on a statement they think I made.

Speaking of insecurity, where are you in that spectrum?

If someone says, “f*ck traditional grip,” or “marching band is not a sport” or “I don’t like your face…”

How does that make you feel?

Does it make you feel angry?

Look, we all have insecurities and it affects us all in different ways.

But when someone makes a statement like any of the above…why should it upset you?

If it does, you might be in a lower state of consciousness where you attach too much of what you do into your identity or your ego is just so important that you have to protect it at all costs.

Higher consciousness means you step outside of yourself, see that stuff like that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and when you are focused on things that actually mater (like health, wealth, love and prosperity), then it’ll be so much easier not to get upset over stupid sh*t ;)

What do you think?

For more perspective, definitely check out the video below:

Karl Arrieta