Indoor Season Just Ended...Now What?

What a great indoor season we had this year!

Broken City set a new high scoring record with a first place finish of 98.850 and the previous record was set by RCC in 2015 with a score of 98.563.

But now that indoor season is over for your Ensemble, what’s next?

In my opinion, preparation and work never ends; there is no such thing as completion because the work is NEVER complete!

Even if you graduate from High School or age out, everything you learned in the activity will transfer over to your next challenge in life.

So what should you do once one chapter in your life has ended?

Well, definitely take some time to relax and enjoy that everything is over.

But once you’ve taken that time to recharge, you have to get right back into practicing, preparing and improving every single day.

This is what pro athletes do once the season is over: they take time to relax and then they’re back in the gym.

If you’re going to be competing again, remember that first place trophies, gold medals and record setting scores are won in practice and in rehearsal.

So what are you going to do with your time? How are you going to prepare for the next season? One thing you can do is to sign up for a FREE account on DRUMLINE CHOPS and check out some videos that will improve your skills tremendously!

If you still want to relax and unwind, then make sure you check out my newest WGI reaction video down below:

Karl Arrieta