The Job Of a Really Good Drum Instructor

The job of a really good instructor is probably something you, as a student, would probably hate.

After all, instructors shouldn’t just teach and lecture all day. What they really should be doing is evaluating your skills and identifying your weaknesses.

Once they have identified your weakness, their job will be to put a GIGANTIC spotlight on that weakness.

In a Drumline or group teaching situation, highlighting your weakness shouldn’t be meant to shame, embarrass or make fun of you.

If anything, it should make you uncomfortable and if you’re uncomfortable executing a particular skillet, then that is definitely a weakness.

Ok, so in that situation: SUCCESS!

Your weakness has been identified…

Now what?

Now your instructor’s job is to keep making you do that thing that is uncomfortable for you.

It could be playing extremely slow.

Or a tricky sticking.

Maybe it’s just the act of playing by yourself in front of the entire Drumline.

Whatever that is, it is your instructors job to expose you to that discomfort, because you will only become comfortable by doing the thing that is uncomfortable.

From there, you can start moving towards proficiency and mastery.

What else do you think a good instructor’s job is?

For further perspective on this, make sure to watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta