WTH Does Broken City's Show Mean Anyway???

First of all, congratulations to Broken City Percussion for their first place finish this year and congratulations on achieving the highest score ever!

Clearly, the group is very skilled, but in term so show design, it’s good to know that this type of show was rewarded.

So what type of show is it?

Well, it’s the type of show that has a very ambiguous meaning or concept.

I think that the designers probably had some type of narrative planned, but for the most part, they are leaving it open to interpretation and are welcoming of the audiences own individual and unique perspective on the show.

What was my interpretation?

Well, I like how there is a music box that is caged throughout the show and at the end, it is released from the cage.

TO ME (and this is just me and my interpretation), it’s like when you finally give the song that resides inside of you some well needed freedom.

Freedom from limitation.

Freedom from hesitation.

Freedom from the opinions of others.

It’s like when you don’t let your true self out there, simply because you care too much about what other people think.

The sad part is people hold themselves back (and their song) all their lives until they die, never having allowed their song to be heard.

Just like Broken City…whatever it is you are trying to say: SAY IT and consequences be dammed. Don’t let your voice or your song, die within you without being heard!

What is your interpretation of Broken City’s show?

For further perspective, make sure you watch my reaction video below:

Karl Arrieta