How To Raise Funds For Marching Band And Drum Corps Fees - Effectively

Let’s face it, everything in this world revolves around money. Unfortunately, the Marching Arts is no different. It costs money to pay your Band Directors salaries, pay for competition fees, feed the members, transport an ensemble from one gig to the next, etc. Since the arts isn’t always well funded, the cost of doing business, a lot of times, falls on the participant members themselves.

Now fees can start at a couple hundred of dollars; which can be manageable. But fees can go as high as a couple of thousand dollars if you want to march some of the best Drum Corps out there.

What if you don’t have any funds to pay for this activity?

Well, here’s a few things you can try:

  • Get a part time job

  • Ask your family members for help (instead of Bday or Xmas presents, ask for cash instead)

  • Sell stuff like Candy, T-Shirts or artwork (buy inventory low and then markup the price high for a profit)

  • Offer to tutor subjects you are good at in exchange for monetary compensation

  • Start a GoFundMe page or some type of fundraising campaign

When it comes to the last option (GoFundMe), I do have my reservations. Not saying it can’t work if it’s approached in the right away.

Unfortunately, most people go about it all wrong.

Watch the video below and see how NOT to run a GoFundMe campaign:

Karl Arrieta