How To Eliminate Pressure During Auditions And Perform At a High Level

Any time you have a competitive performance or audition for a Drum Corps/independent ensemble, there is usually a lot of pressure for you to execute at a high level. It would certainly be easier to perform your best when you can remove or at least alleviate that pressure. What if I told you it was actually pretty easy to do?

Ok, so you know that thing you want so badly?

You know…

When you have a competitive performance, you want to have a good show and get a nice big trophy.

When you audition for a Drum Corps or independent ensemble, you want to get a callback and eventually get a spot.

That thing you really, really want!

Don’t want it so much.

That’s it. That’s the secret.


While paradoxical, what I have found in my life experience is that I have found that the more you want the thing you want, the harder it is to acquire.

Now, there is some truth to the idea that, “the team that wins just wanted it more than the other team.” That being said, your HS JV team won’t beat the Golden State Warriors no matter how badly your team wants to win. Right?

Plus, when you want something so bad, that is usually what creates the kind of pressure that can hinder an award winning or callback worthy performance.

So if you want something badly, try wanting it less…it’ll be easier to get ;)

If you would like some additional perspective on this, watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta