East Coast Style VS West Coast Style - Which Is Better?

When I think of the West Coast Style of Drumming, I think of the Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, VK and Freelancers. When I think of East Coast, I think of The Cadets, Cavaliers, Bluecoats and Madison Scouts. But this was back when I was marching in the 90s. Is that still true today?

I think in many ways, I don’t think there is a distinguishable style difference when you take into account that Drum Corps staff move around from one Drum Corps to another. You might have some Blue Devil alumni teaching over at the Cadets or you may have some East Coast Drum Corps staff moving over to teach a West coast group.

At the end of the day, does it really matter?

In my personal opinion, I truly believe that styles and technique are overrated because styles and techniques tend to mix more often with the arrival of the internet age. Furthermore, we all use some type of style or technique or approach as a means to an end…to drum!

I think the best thing to do in order to take advantage of all the different philosophies, is to create your own unique approach by taking elements from many different styles and techniques.

The great Bruce Lee once said: “be formless and shapeless like water.”

What do you think he means by that?

For more perspective, make sure you watch the video below! You might even get a little lesson from a legend: Jeff Queen!

Karl Arrieta