Do not do THIS at auditions! Avoid negative self fulfilling prophecies

It’s audition season for Drum Corps and one of the biggest questions I get is, “if I go audition, will I get cut because I don’t have as much experience as everyone else?”

My response? “Yea, probably…”


I kid…kinda…and I say that not because of a Student’s apparent lack of experience, but because of the underlying feelings behind the question.

To me, the questions implies that the Student is not confident going into the audition and already believes they’re going to get cut because of their lack of experience.

My thing is, how could you possibly know without actually going through that experience? If you are confident in your skills, you will go to auditions and find out for yourself if your skills will carry you through despite your lack of experience.

So if you have this attitude of, "I probably won’t make it because of my lack of experience,” there’s a good chance that you are predicting your own demise, like a self fulfilling prophecy.

But is it possible to create a prophecy that says, “you know, despite my lack of experience, I’m pretty good and I think I have a really good chance of doing well at auditions and possibly even get a spot” and then ACTUALLY making it come true because you believe in it so much?

As long as you back up that belief with hard core practice and preparation, then I would say that anything is possible ;)

What do you think? Could you be set to realize some negative self fulfilling prophecies? For more insight on this concept, make sure you watch the video below!

Karl Arrieta