Tenor Basics

Before you start, you must learn the most important concept

When I teach beginning tenor drummer for the first time, I always start them with the most important concept that they will ever learn when it comes to quads. In fact, this concept is essential if you ever want to be an advanced quad drummer! To learn more, watch the video below right now and if you are a beginning or aspiring quad drummer, DO NOT SKIP this step!

8 on a hand

Everyone does some variation of 8 on a hand or legato strokes, but for Tenor players, the arounds I teach for this exercise is essential for teaching students how to familiarize themselves with the drums and where they are located. To learn more, watch the video below right now and start applying these concepts today!


Nothing says Tenor drumming like scraping around the drums. But for a beginner, I would say it is pretty hard to do. However, if you are patient and apply a few basic concepts, you’ll be scraping around the drums in no time. So to get started, the first step is to make sure NOT TO HIT RIM! The second step is to go watch the video below IMMEDIATELY!

Want more?

If you’d like to go deeper down the rabbit hole of quad drumming, then you should #quadphilosophy is definitely for you!!! Don’t get left behind, so be sure to CLICK HERE NOW and take your Tenor drumming to the next level!