Remembering Minor Corps

Written by Drumline Blueprint Media Team Member Trysten Collins

Ladies and Gentlemen of our beautiful drumming community, it’s a very special time of year!

That’s right!

We’ve officially entered Drum Corps International’s 2019 Season. After SCV’s winning performance with their hit show “Babylon” there’s a lot to live up to this season.

As many Corps are releasing teaser trailers to their themes this year, it’s easy to get caught up in the Bluecoats, the Cavaliers, or even the Blue Devils. But take a second, open that YouTube app and look at some different Corps.

The lesser known ones.

There are so many other Corps out there, some who used to even out play the current leaders in DCI.

Examples are Phantom Regiment, the Blue Knights. Even some of the ones that are just now getting to be better known, for example Genesis and Compass. But there are still so many Corps out there who are producing quality shows such as the Seattle Cascades, or the Mandarins.

There are so many to choose from!

So next time you’re at a DCI event and you see one of those performers from one of the different Corps, be sure to tell them good show. Maybe even buy some of their merchandise. We’re sure they’d appreciate the support and encouragement.

Speaking of going to DCI events, we are currently looking for some Satellite Videographers! Just hit this LINK and fill out the form! We’d love to have some help this summer! Thanks guys!

For further perspective, make sure you watch the video below!

Karl Arrieta