How To Build Unity In Your Marching Arts Ensemble

Unity in your Marching Arts Ensemble is a very important aspect of any marching arts ensemble. After all, since you must function as a cohesive group, then you need to build the kind of chemistry that is necessary to have a good team.

For example, the Bass Drums are 3,4,5 or even 6 separate individuals who have to come together to play one part. They have to be closest unit in the Drumline in order to work together as a proficient section.

So how do you build cohesion in any marching arts group? How do you build unity?

Well, you have to build relationships between human beings and the best way to build relationships is to build trust and comfort.

Trust is built when you can count on something to do something time and time again.

Maybe it’s setting a sectional time and trusting everyone to be there. When they come through, it builds trust.

Comfort is build largely over time by getting to know someone; knowing that they aren’t crazy and that they’re cool to be around.

The more time you spend with a person and the more you hang around a person, experiencing things together, then that trust and comfort is built which can lead to unity and cohesion in a performance ensemble.

So what else can you do to build trust and comfort?

You could go have meals together

Hang out together.

If you’re a Band Director, Drum Instructor or Section Leader, create some guys to have sections compete against each other to build camaraderie between sections.

How else would you build unity? Do you have any suggestions?

For further perspective on this subject, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta