How To Deal With A Biased Drum Instructor

I think even I’ve dealt with this.

I’ve been in a situation where our Band Director chose a leader who wasn’t as equally qualified as other students in the program, probably because their Parents were big financial supporters of the band.

Everyone knows this individual wasn’t qualified compared to some of the other students.

I would say our Director was a little biased.

I’m sure this isn’t uncommon though.

At some point, everyone has experienced bias at the hands of an instructor.

Maybe an Instructor gives preferential treatment to certain individuals.

Maybe some students can do no wrong and are not punished as harshly as other students.

Maybe a few students get all the awards and get chosen for all the leadership positions.

So what gives and how would you deal with a situation like that?

Well, one way is to go up the leadership chain.

If your section leader is being biased, talk to a staff member about it.

If your drum instructor is being biased, talk to the Director about it.

If your Director is being biased, talk to the Principal about it.

You get my point?

Otherwise, there’s not much else you can do other than to play the game.

Sometimes you have to do a little bit of “politicking” and a little bit of butt kissing to make sure you are biased favorably, rather than being ignored by those in power.

I wish I could say it’s not how the world is…but that is how the world works.

Human beings are susceptible to being influenced and manipulated and you have to learn to navigate the susceptibility of other humans in order to succeed in life.

Is it fair?

Maybe not.

Hate to break it to you…but life sometimes isn’t fair…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in life :)

For further perspective, make sure you check out the video below:

Karl Arrieta