You Can't Be Successful In The Marching Arts When You Don't Have As Much Financial Resources?

I had a conversation with a private student of mine and he was kinda lamenting about how there is a Student in his class that has access to so many teachers because their Father is a head music director at a University.

There are also other students in his class who have a ton of financial resources and can pay for so many different kinds of private teachers to help them regularly.

After seeing all this, my student thought, “I can’t possibly be more successful than them because they just have more than me.”

Now, I’m not getting down on my student for having these feelings because these are very normal human emotions.

For example, I’m sure there are students out there who don’t feel that their Drumline is up to par against competition that has bigger props, bigger instructional staffs and bigger budgets.

How can anyone possibly be successful when someone lacks resources when compared to everyone else who might have more?

To that I say, take a look at the story of Robert Downy Jr.

This is a guy who was addicted to drugs as a kid, went to jail many times and once he got out, he was dead broke.

I don’t think anyone thought he would amount to anything.

Be ended up becoming Iron Man and is now one of the biggest and richest actors of all time.

There are so many examples in history of amazing individuals who do so much with so little and when someone is disadvantaged, it motivates them to work even harder to overcome their circumstances.

The net result for those individuals is more skill, strength and mental fortitude acquired when beating the odds, when compared to someone else that might have more resources to start.

Therefore, it’s not about what you have or what you don’t have…it’s about what you do with what you have!

What do you think? Does having more resources guarantee success?

For more perspective on this subject, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta