THE TOP SECRET TECHNIQUE to Get Good at Drumming!

Thought I would revisit one of my earliest video blogs to discuss a secret technique I devised to get good at drumming.

You ready for it?

It’s called….repetition.


Well think about it, Michael Jordan was able to shoot free throws blindfolded. How? By practicing so many free throws, his body completely memorized the movements it has to do in order to get a ball to go a certain distance and hit a certain spot…without looking.

In the book “Outliers,” it talks about how it takes 10,000 hours to reach mastery of anything.

To quantify it, 10,000 hours is over a years worth of non-stop 24 hours a day practice.

In the book, it talks about the Beetles getting good because they played 10,000 hours worth of gigs that barely anyone saw.

It talks about Bill Gates getting access to computers most people don’t have access to and putting in his 10,000 hours of playing with said computers.

So how does one get good with drums?

Well, let’s take it from a micro level; how did I get good at playing rolls?

I just played rolls.

In the beginning, they were really bad…like REALLY bad rolls.

But I just kept doing it and as I learned more techniques and the longer I did it, I just got better.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that and there is no such thing as a magic pill and everyone has to go through the process…yup, you and me both!

Do you have any other simple tips towards mastery? Who is your non-drumming idol that you look up to that inspires your drumming?

For further perspective, check out this video:

Karl Arrieta