The Most Experienced Drummers Struggle (Too)!

It may be hard to believe, but despite my experience as a marching percussion performer and educator, I have my own struggles at times when I learn something new.

That being said, I can learn new licks, rudiments or sheets a little bit faster than students who are not as experienced. But put a complex piece of music in front of me and I will struggle just like everybody else.

So recently, I was trying to learn a complicated ride pattern on Tenors. Now granted, I don’t have too much experience playing ride patters, especially since I don’t play drum set. But it took me a long time to learn the introductory ride patter from Nick Werth’s “Chocolate Cherry Bomb.”

Man it was tough…

I think it took me more than an hour to be able to consistently play it correctly.

For some it might take longer to learn the same few bars. For others, they might be able to get it within a few minutes.

But no matter how fast you learn something, the important thing is to execute correctly after you’ve put in the necessary practice time that is consistent with your unique learning curve.

Another important thing to consider is that everyone struggles when they are learning something new, so don’t think you are some special snowflake and that you are the only one who struggles with learning a new rudiment, etude or exercise.

The key to learning something new is to be patient, don’t judge yourself too harshly and just continue putting in the reps knowing that eventually you will get it! :)

For additional perspective, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta