What Do You Do If You Get Cut From The Instrument You Want To Play In High School?

As a former Drum Instructor, I’ve had to cut Students in order to give a more skilled student their spot. I’ve also denied Students the instrument they’ve wanted to play even though it is their 2nd or 3rd time trying out.

In those situations, I try to cheer them up by saying, “at least you are in an ensemble, performing and gaining experience.” But I understand that sometimes that isn’t enough. So, if you are Student who is facing this same situation right now, here’s what you should consider:

  • The turnover rate in High School is high: When Seniors graduate, spots will open up, so stay patient

  • If I am your instructor and I cut you, show me why I made a big mistake: Take this opportunity to improve exponentially and make me regret my decision to not give you the spot

  • In the rate event that you never make the instrument you want in High School, you will have plenty of opportunities for the rest of your life: you can march an independent group, march a senior corps or even succeed in some other field

Trust me, I know how much it sucks to get cut or to not get the instrument you were auditioning for. But in every situation, there is opportunity, which is the true silver lining. For further perspective, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta