Why You Shouldn't Flow When You Drum

Find the rhythm.

Find the pocket.

Feel the music.

All these things are bad…kinda…at least early in the learning process.

You see, I think that when you don’t know where the beat is when you are drumming something, for example, and you just kinda get into a flow state of playing it, then tempo control, rhythmic interpretation and spacing can pretty much go out the window.

Also, imagine getting into a flow state when you haven’t taken enough time to get familiar with every bar you are playing; you probably wouldn’t be playing every bar accurately.

In my opinion, I think you’re playing should actually be pretty segmented, jagged and even a little disjointed when you are early in the learning process. Yes…including tempo!

But once you have a good understanding of where the beat is, you are familiar with every bar and have a good grasp of all the notes contained in those bars, then go ahead and find the rhythm, find the pocket and feel the music!


What do you think? Do you see where I’m coming from with this idea?

For more perspective, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta