Top 3 Audition Tips for Tenor Drummers by former RCC Tenor Player

So, I’m kinda like a Dinosaur since I aged out way back in 2000, I haven’t taught an independent ensemble since 2007 and I haven’t taught a competitive High School Drumlinel since 2013.

I guess you could call me a Dinosaur who is kinda out of the loop! LOL

Because of that, I figure I would ask someone with some recent experience marching at a high level, to give his/her top 3 tips for auditioning specifically for Tenor Drums!

Enter Cole Governo!

Cole marched Pacific Crest, Academy and recently aged out with RCC and winning a Gold Medal with them during the 2018 season. I would say that’s pretty recent and hopefully he can give all of us some insight on what Instructors look for when they audition tenor drummers these days.

So here are his top 3 tips:

1.) Be prepared! Once you register, download the packet, learn everything as soon as possible!

2.) Separate the x axis motion from the y axis motion! In other words, whatever you do on one drum, try to transfer that feeling over when playing around the drums as much as possible.

3.) Be adaptable! At the highest levels, techs might change a part on Friday night and they expect it to be flawless in time for a big regional the next day on Saturday, so be aware that techs will test this skill at auditions!

Well, hope that helps!

Make sure you take heed of these tips and don’t…get…CUT!

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For further perspective on auditioning for Tenor Drums, make sure you watch the video below:

Karl Arrieta