Our Drumline Peformed Better But Got a Lower Score - What Gives???

I can be fairly certain that everyone in the marching arts has been in a situation where they felt like they had a good performance and expected a higher score compared to their last competition.

What they got instead in that situation was a lower score.

So how does this happen?

Now, I’m no judge, but I recently evaluated essays for an Academic Decathlon competition.

The first paper I read, I thought it was really good. So I figure, out of 100 points, the paper deserves 90 points.

Now the second paper I read was WAY better than the first paper.

Well, if this paper was way better, than I couldn’t just score it 99 points…and I couldn’t give a perfect score or anything over 100.

In that situation, I had no other choice! I was forced to lower the score of the first paper in order to account for the 2nd paper that was much better.

You see, judges in the marching arts have to do the same exact thing.

They have to slot everyone at a certain number based on the limited number of points they can give out AND how everyone stacks up against each other.

Another reason you might get a lower score for a better performance might be due to you seeing a different judging panel. In that situation, they didn’t see your last performance or perhaps they have never seen your performance before.

Based on my recent experience, I have gained a whole new appreciation and empathy for judges everywhere and YOU SHOULD TOO!

Why? Because judging is hard!

That being said, the best judge is you! If you felt like you had a good performance, then don’t let anything change your opinion of that. If your grouped performed better than your last performance, then that is the ultimate measuring stick; not the opinion of a few individuals.

Now, I’m not saying to completely disregard scores or the opinion of judges because their assessment is an indicator for where you and your group is at and that indicator will help you improve!!!

But if you felt good about your performance and you have improved, then I say, mission accomplished :)

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What is your perspective on judges and how hard their job is?

Make sure you watch the video below for further perspective:

Karl Arrieta