The art of taking action - Marry an idea with action for major results

Ok, in the past, I know I wasn't always good with having an idea and then taking action to give that idea life.  Or even if I did give an idea life, I would be discouraged from taking action on future ideas if the results weren't exactly what I expected.  But I think everyone can be guilty of this.

- Did you ever have an idea like, "I think I'm going to practice today" and then you don't because you are too busy with other things like Homework?

- Was there ever a time you thought, "I'm going to write an etude" and then you decide against it because you are worried people will think it's stupid?

- Have you said to yourself, "I'm going to work out everyday until band camp so I can be physically ready" and then you stop after 1 week and a half because you don't see any muscular gains?

If you've ever had these types of thoughts, well, you're definitely not alone!

That being said, I really think we should try to give life to all of our ideas, whether or not have time, whether or not it's a good idea and whether or not you get the results you were expecting. 

Here's why:

- If you don't have time now, you will never have time, because there will ALWAYS be something else going on.  It is up to you to budget your time, decide your priorities and make everything work!

- Even if try your idea and it sucks, that's ok, because you will learn from it, think of another idea and pivot to a new plan of action that just might end up being awesome!

- When your actions are not yielding the results you are expecting, keep going on anyway! A lot of times, you are either not going at it long enough to give yourself a chance to succeed down the road.  Sometimes results don't show up until way later, so keep chipping away!

If you ever want to know the difference between a good idea and a bad idea, just know that you're never going to find out until you marry all of your ideas with some kind of action.  Besides, all ideas are sh*t if you don't take any action on them ;)

So what do you think? What has ever stopped you from acting on your ideas?  What steps do you think you need to take in order to be an even bigger action taker?  Make sure you comment on this page as I would certainly love to know!

Karl Arrieta